Splitters are masters at covert power games. They see innuendo, emotional bribery, mixed messages and gossip to find out whatever they can to have more information at work than anyone else. They always have something to tell you, and you only, to protect you and help you win. They see everything as a war.

Splitters are fascinated by powerful individuals and will do whatever they can to sit next to anyone they see as the ones in charge at meetings, at lunch, or stop them in the hall to just nod in appreciation. Then they brag about who they know and subtly infer about all they know.

They play these games because they are insecure, powerless, and unsure of their skills and talents. Corporate environments have been fertile ground for splitters. They love to feel important, and to have control over others. They do all the work up front, then sit back to watch the fireworks.

GOOD NEWS – The Splitter can become a Peacemaker! When the splitter gets in touch with their shadow side there is an amazing change to be compassionate, look for ways to connect people, and see how much more powerful it is to bring people together for the success of all.

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