Ya Gotta Love EUSTRESS, Here’s Why

Hi everyone! Sylvia Lafair here, and I have a wish for all of you that you’re having a calm, peaceful, and joyful day, and I’m sure many of you are saying,’Huh! She must be nuts!’ It’s either too mush stress, too much aggravation or too much isolation, too much quite, and either way, I feel stressed.

So, I have been researching everything I can find about stress, and in my program that I’m doing, there are four levels of it. So, the first level that I want to talk about now is called EUSTRESS. E-U-S-T-R-E-S-S, EUSTRESS, and it’s the good stress. It’s the kind that you learned from.

So, think about the first time you got in the car, you’ve been practicing in the parking lot, you’re really good, and then, you’re told, ‘Okay, get out on the street and get out on the high way.’ Do you come in peaceful? I was and I doubt anybody I know was. You’re sitting there, gripping the steering wheel thinking, 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock or whatever you’ve been taught about how to hold the steering wheel and you’re tensed, but it’s a good stress, because you’ve got adrenalin growing and you’re really paying attention. You’re very vigilant. I wish we all have that kind of vigilance every time we get in a car.

We kind of forget over time, but that kind of stress keeps you going or whenever you have to stand in front of a group and do a presentation and then you felt before where you spoke I have butterflies in my stomach. Well, you know sounds good but it’s a tightness that develops but it keeps you going. It keeps you going. So, good stress. We have to learn from it. We have to practice it and I only have one question for you today to answer, and it’s really important because as these stressors come at us and they seem to be juggling with us in many ways, health, wealth, relationships, everywhere it’s it’s kind of getting us to tighten up. To say what are we going to do about this but it’s the question that you ask, is this a challenge or is it a threat? And some things are real threats and you go into that survival mode that fight, flight or freeze. Many people in that moment freeze, but some of us will go and fight, and some of us will run and depending on the situation. One way is the better way to go than the other. That’s when it’s a threat, but when it’s a challenge, you learn from it, you take it in you, absorb it.

After it’s over, you sit and you write about it or you just simply think about it, but you also pat yourself on the back, because I will tell you that stress. You stress the good stress that we all have, leads us to becoming more resilient and in this time that’s what we need more than ever before.

Being resilient means you can take whatever the difficult situation is. Have it as the foundation course you going through it, and grow from it and learn from it, and say, ‘and this too shall pass,’ and I’ve handled something just so scary and awful in the past, and now I’m able to do even more. So, for now, really embrace the idea of stress, embrace you stress, embrace you as you embrace you stress, and do have some calmness in your day, but really every time, something is kind of thrown out. You ask yourself, ‘Is this a threat or a challenge?’ And you’ll know which direction to go.

So, have a beautiful day. I hope you have some peace in the day and if not, if it’s very stressful, you stress is the way to think about it.

Thank you so much.