Most victims say they never have enough time to complete a project because of others’ incessant demands. Complaining is much more appealing than going directly to the source, and most victims make triangulation an art form. They will go from one individual to another yet never speak out directly in a team setting.

While most victims are not unsocial people they love to befriend those who will listen to their frustrations and never hold them accountable. They are most delighted when invited to a “pity party” with others victims who think the world is conspiring against them. Often blind to solutions, they spend so much time focusing on what is not working that opportunities fly by like a tumbleweed in the wind. They believe that anything they do will only make matters worse and that whatever is going on is basically hopeless.

They are chronic whiners and see all the limitations of a situation while snarling (quietly) at other individuals, often a boss or a co-worker. They will talk (gain quietly) about their “hostile” work setting and the theme of the victim is “he did it, she did it, they did it, and it’s not my fault.”

GOOD NEWS – The Victim can become an Explorer! Once the victim takes a single step into unknown territory, looking for just one new option, it sets up a zest for life that leaves spectators breathless.


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