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Gutsy Women in the Workplace. Prepare for your future now!

It’s time to be gutsy. Break the pattern of women in the workplace falling behind and losing ground with every step in the world of business. 

Women in the Workplace 2017, a study conducted by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey, elaborates on these patterns, provides some explanations for them, and suggests priorities for leaders seeking to speed the rate of progress. Data from more than 222 companies and over 70,000 men and women, include the following:

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Women are still underrepresented at every level.

A report by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, The CS Gender 3000: The Reward for Change shows that businesses with women on their boards outperformed comparably sized companies with all-male boards by 26%.

As strong women, it’s our time to collaborate and partnership, so we can achieve gender balance, which as the study proves, is good for business.

Our women’s leadership coaching prepares you to gain strategies you can use to achieve your goals. Our unique approach gives a vast perspective to help women in business observe, understand, and transform the cultural patterns passed down through the generations.


When women’s leadership education is done right, we all win!

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The GUTSY Weekend is now in its 7th year. It offers women usable and unique insights that blend knowledge from business and psychology.  It’s a weekend that includes active participation. Experience & edutainment that uses film, story, music, art, and the peacefulness of nature to awaken new ideas and possibilities.  Women from all walks of life share key concepts about their own roles as leaders at work, home, everywhere! Unleash your GUTSY!


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As activist Bella Abzug said in the ‘60’s: “Women have come down from their pedestals and up from the laundry room.”

It is critical for women leaders to stand on the shoulders of the past and be able to see well into the future.

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